IEEE 7th World Forum on Internet of Things
14 June-31 July 2021 // New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

VERT3: Healthcare


Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving in healthcare.  Up to 85 percent of health care providers and systems are utilizing IoT. This technology is used to connect MedTech products to healthcare networks and to EHR systems.

Consumerism is driving health, and consumers have adopted a variety of wearable devices and apps that help them monitor their activity, sleep patterns, heart rate, and other metrics. Physicians, hospitals and providers can also monitor patients’ health continuously using wearables and telehealth technology. IoT is used to streamline and bridge the technologies leading to improved patient health outcomes, patient’s safety, patient’s engagement and satisfaction with care. IoT is utilized through all the stages of data collection from these technologies, leading to analytics by leveraging all the collected data in order to better manage health and improve outcomes. Predictive and prescriptive analytics will result in faster diagnosis, better treatment recommendations and overall decrease in medication and treatment errors. IoT is also important to control hospital and healthcare facilities environments including power plants, communication, supply chain, and other operations resulting in improvements in efficiency, decrease in infections, decrease in costs and improvements in patients’ satisfaction and outcomes.

In the world forum IEEE IoT healthcare vertical track, we will be discussing how hospitals, health systems, and health providers are leveraging IoT technologies towards improving patients’ engagements, and outcomes. Case studies of Telehealth technology will be discussed in detail, in addition, case studies of utilizing wearables and other technologies towards improving patient outcomes and satisfaction with care will be discussed.

Track Chair

Chris Sullivan— Global Healthcare Practice Lead, Zebra Technologies

With an acute understanding of the needs of patients and their caregivers coupled with robust technical knowledge of healthcare operations, Chris artfully combines the personal and professional needs of the industry to create an inspirational point of view on healthcare technology. His voice is friendly and conversational, while referring to his impressive experience of being a sought after industry speaker, healthcare provider and industry association board member, U.S policy advocate and to reinforce his authority position.