IEEE 7th World Forum on Internet of Things
14 June–31 July 2021 // New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

AI-IIoT – The Future of Intelligent Industry


Organized on – 30th June, 2021 at 10:30 – 11:45 EDT

Technical program of the session

10:30 – 10:33 Introduction by session chairs
10:35 – 11:00 [Invited speaker] – Building intelligence to secure IoT, Mehmet Gunes, Stevens Institute of Technology
11:00 – 11:05 [Q&A with paper presenter 1] – Green IoT System Architecture for Applied Autonomous Network Cybersecurity Monitoring

Zaghloul Saad Zaghloul, Nelly Elsayed, Chengcheng Li, Magdy Bayoumi

11:05 – 11:10 [Q&A with paper presenter 2] – Performance Analysis of PLS Key Generation-Based Secure NOMA-Enabled IoT Networks in the Presence of Untrusted Users

Hela Chamkhia, Abdullah Al-Ali, Aiman Erbad, Amr Mohamed, Ahmed Refaey, Mohsen Guizani

11:10 – 11:30 [Invited speaker] – Towards a marketplace edge-to-cloud platform for self-adaptive IoT applications,

Abdennadher Nabil, University of applied Sciences, West. Switzerland, hepia

11:30 – 11:35 [Q&A with paper presenter 3] – Divergence-Based Bit Allocation for Indoor Environment Classification

Afsaneh Gharouni, Peter Rost, Andreas Maeder, Hans Schotten

11:35 – 11:40 [Q&A with paper presenter 4] – Edge-Cloud Intelligence in Self-Diagnostic of Land Mobile Radio Systems

Hung Cao, Monica Wachowicz, James Craig