IEEE 7th World Forum on Internet of Things
14 June–31 July 2021 // New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Vertical and Topical Program

This portion of the program is meant for a general audience consisting of industry, the public sector, the research community, practitioners, and end-users of IoT. The presentations will address the practical aspects of IoT implementation and experiences from real-life applications or actual deployments. The emphasis is on accelerating the adoption and penetration of IoT solutions, lessons learned from deployments and end-to-solutions, and delivering value to society.

Most of the Vertical and Topical Tracks will be held as virtual online sessions conducted during a two-week period July 12th-24th, 2021, but we will hold a limited number of Vertical and Topical Track sessions in-person in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 20-24, 2021. To see the complete layout for the WF-IoT 2021 conference program click here.

All of the Vertical and Topical Sessions will be held from 10:30am – 12:30pm Eastern Time every day.

Vertical Tracks

Track Chairs Days Scheduled
VERT1: Agriculture


Mehmet  Can “John” Vuran, University of Nebraska, USA


July 12-14
VERT2: Environment & Ecology Sebnem Duzgun, Colorado School of Mines, USA

Martin Mandelberg, Mandelberg Consulting Group LLC

July 15-17
VERT3: Healthcare & Medical Chris Sullivan, Zebra Technologies July 12-16
VERT4: Industry & Manufacturing Bryan Moser, MIT,  USA

Arjay Wadhwa, SKF (Retired)

Bruce Hecht, CEO and Chief Technology Officer VG2PLAYSystem Design & Management Fellow, MIT, Cambridge, MA

July 19-23
VERT5: Energy & Power Harshavardhan Karandikar, ABB Inc., USA
Panos Moutis, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
July 22-24
VERT6: Smart Cities Joel Myers, CEO of Domila Ltd.
Mohamed Essaaidi,
Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco
Rebecca Lee Hammons,
Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana USA
Victor M. Larios,
University of Guadalajara, Mexico
July 12-16


July 19-23

Topical Tracks

Track Chairs Days Scheduled
TOP1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Anthony Smith, Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), USA

Xavier Perez Costa, ICREA, i2cat, NEC Labs Europe, Barcelona, Spain

July 20-24
TOP2: Communications and Networking Karen I. Matthews, Purpose-Driven Consulting
Mikhail Galeev, Wireless Research Scientist at Intel Labs Portland, OR USA
Igor Alvarado,
National Instruments, Austin TX USA
July 12-16


July 19-21

TOP3: Computing  Gurkan Solmaz, NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany July 12-15
TOP4: Data and Digitization Chung-Min Chen,  Lutron Electronics

Mark Cusack, Yellowbrick Data

July 17
TOP5: Security, Privacy, and Trust Peter Thermos, Palindrome Tech
Soumya Kanti Datta, EURECOM, France
July 16-19
TOP6: Sensors & Sensor Systems Elfed Lewis, University of Limerick, Ireland
Raju Arvind, Intel
July 19-23


All Times are US Eastern Time. The Vertical and Topical Tracks are Virtual and streamed live.

List of Vertical & Topical Tracks July 12th-17th  & July 18th -24th , 2021


WFIoT2021 Vertical & Topical Tracks:  July 12th – 17th, 2021


WFIoT2021 Vertical & Topical Tracks:  July 19th – 24th, 2021